Digital Clock GT-7

Digital Clock GT-7

A more bright and colorful clock for your Windows desktop
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Although all MS Windows versions include a clock on their taskbar, it is too small and can be difficult to read for seniors and visually impaired people. Digital Clock GT-7 is a program that you can add to your desktop. It does nothing more than show you the actual time according to your system's clock. Nevertheless, you can customize it in several ways. For example, you can change the clock's background color by choosing among ten different colors and textures. Also, you can change the font's color. Here, you have 16 different colors to choose. Finally, you can set it to show the hour in a 24- or 12-hour format, and to blink the colon every second.
The program has some disadvantages, though. For starters, you cannot set it to appear always on top, so if you need to check it, you will need to minimize or close your active window(s). Also, the program's Settings panel has a check box that has no indication, and does not exert any effect on the program's interface.
The program is absolutely free and you can download it directly from the developer's site. If you want to change your default Windows clock, then this may be a good option.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free
  • Colorful
  • Good for visually impaired people


  • It can't be set to be always on top
  • The Settings panel has a check box without any indication or effect
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